Childhood should be full of friends, fun, growth and learning. Seeing a child fall behind his peers – whether in language, motor skills, social development or reading- can be disheartening. Often, just trying to understand the source of the problem can be challenging and frustrating for parents.

Parents deserve a place where concerns are met with an understanding ear.
Our evaluation process doesn’t end with a written report in the mail. It serves as a beginning. We present the results in an understandable way, and take the time to propose practical, individualized interventions which reflect the values and needs of the family.

Our family joins yours in finding answers to why your child is struggling, and offering ideas and valuable resources for parent

Why Does My Child…


  • have difficulty understanding others?
  • struggle with expressing himself clearly?
  • have difficulty following directions?
  • produce speech which is not clear?


  • tire easily during play, or when sitting or standing for a long period of time?
  • tend to be clumsy or uncoordinated in walking, play and sports?
  • have difficulty holding a pencil, cutting with scissors and buttoning clothes?
  • display an unusual gait or posture?


  • seem overly sensitive to touch (clothing tags, glue, sand, holding hands, pat on the head) constantly touching things? (people, smooth or bumpy surfaces)
  • become overly sensitive to common or unexpected noises? (vacuum cleaner, running water sirens, a sneeze).
  • seem to be an unusually picky eater, gags easily and is overly sensitive to smells?
  • get distracted by background noises or movements or seems oblivious to the environment?

Social / Emotional

  • play alone and have difficulty interacting with peers?
  • have frequent tantrums, at times for no apparent reason?
  • have difficulty transitioning from one activity to another?
  • appear anxious, afraid or depressed?


  • struggle to read?
  • have difficulty sounding out new words?
  • not understand what they have read?


  • Refuse to eat most types of food?
  • Gag on certain textures?
  • Spill most liquids when drinking from a bottle or cup?
  • “Pocket” food in the cheeks before swallowing?

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