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About our Specialists in Hearing

Our Aural Habilitation Services are led by Susan Raad. As a Licensed Speech/Language Pathologist and Developmental Therapist, Susan has specialized in pediatric hearing loss for the past 25 years. She brings a parent perspective as well as years of specialization in working with deaf and hard of hearing children. She is joined by Kate Gilliat, who oversees our clinical work with Deaf/HH kids in Chicago. Kate received her Masters in Speech/Language Pathology from the famed Gallaudet University.

The Clubhouse advocates for family choice by offering an array of options. We have a high degree of expertise in the areas of cochlear implants, cued speech, ASL and other signed communications, auditory oral approaches and auditory verbal techniques.

Susan is very proud to have co-founded Child’s Voice, the only Oral School for the deaf in Northern Illinois.

What does the Clubhouse Offer?

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment. That’s why our whole team collaborates on providing you and your family a place to thrive.

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