Our Unique Autism Solutions

The Clubhouse is proud to be the home of the Clubhouse ABA Academy. We are erasing the lines of disconnection in favor on connecting services, teams, families, kids and philosophies in one program. Our innovative and proprietary programming allows kids and families to benefit from infused strategies across disciplines, true team collaboration, improved continuity of care and greater convenience. Our Chicago and Downers Grove ABA Therapy programming bridges services between the center and the home – based on each individual child. Family training and continuity of clinical planning are the cornerstones of our beliefs and vision.



What is ABA Therapy?

ABA therapy focuses on the identification and treatment of problem behaviors while replacing them with socially appropriate alternatives to better prepare people for everyday life. Using the methods of direct observation, data collection, and collaboration, ABA therapy can identify the events triggering both desirable and undesirable behaviors and use that information to create an individualized treatment plan that implements socially significant changes. Though ABA is known for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder, it is a widely applicable science that breaks down human behavior into measurable components and can be used to assist anyone in need of modifying behaviors.

Our ABA Team looks forward to working with your family!

For ABA Therapy in Chicago, call 312-955-0089.

For ABA Therapy in Downers Grove, call 630-495-6800.

New to the ABA world? Check out our detailed checklist with questions that will guide you on how to choose an ABA provider.


How ABA Therapy Can Help Your Child

  • Improves critical skillsets such as independent play skills, activities of daily living, language (expressive and receptive), following directions, social skills, and more!
  • Decreases behaviors such as biting, hitting, tantrums, and more!

Connections Program: Pulling the Pieces Together

  • Bridges: We build natural bridges between home, school and the center.
  • Cross-training allows all of our disciplines to understand the language and therapy techniques of all team members.
  • ABA clients; The entire team is trained on ABA strategies and continually collaborate with each other.
  • Continuity of care is a way of life at the Clubhouse and permeates our treatment.

Connecting the Family

  • We connect children through our social learning groups. Peer interface is a powerful tool that enhances outcomes.
  • Families naturally network through the Clubhouse experience. They share ideas and support one another in a way that only other parents can understand. We periodically host the PEP Club (Parents Empowering Parents) to facilitate these invaluable relationships.
  • Knowledge is power – we provide ongoing parent workshops and training to connect caregivers with the knowledge they need to help their children grow.



What To Expect When You Join The Clubhouse

Our team’s #1 mission is to help your family throughout this season of immense developmental growth for your child. We do this be ensuring that all therapists on your child’s care team (Speech, Occupational, Physical, Nutrition and ABA) are constantly collaborating with each other – and you!

We are passionate about the multi-disciplinary model, and know that you’ll appreciate having all your services under one roof. From the first time you call us, to spending time in our warm and friendly clinics, we know you’ll feel right at home.

Now welcoming new families at all three centers!

Our Family Joins Your Family in a
Shared Vision.

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